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Futureproof your Career

Everything you need to know to build a successful and profitable VA business

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Discover the Authentic VA Within:

A Journey from Ordinary to Excellence


Discover the Authentic VA Within:

A Journey from EA to VA



Help!  I'm launched and ready for business... but I just need Clients.

After the initial flurry of activity leading up to launching their bright shiny new VA business, some VAs struggle with actually getting clients through their virtual door.

The rise of the Virtual Assistant (VA) in a brave new online world

Most businesses who survive this economic crisis will do so because of the fact that they are able to adapt and utilise cloud-based technology to run their businesses in the online space as ‘the norm’ rather than the exception.

Futureproofing: how to stay ahead in the ever-changing world we are living in

As Bob Dylan famously sang in 1964, “…the times, they are a-changin’”. Indeed, this sentiment rings true today as we are faced with so many challenges and changes brought about by natural disasters, and the current pandemic that is COVID-19. Change – it seems – is inevitable.

Mindset and business success

I want to share something with you... last night, Melissa (one of my amazing team members here at VA Institute) and I jumped on a call with some VA Startup Program graduates who had hit a roadblock in their business growth around finding clients.

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