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Virtual Assistant Industry Thought Leader, Trainer, Mentor and Advocate

AusMum Womens Champion Bronze
GBMA Womens Champion HM
GBMA Bus Mother of the Year HM


Society has made us believe that success is reserved for the chosen few —

For those who sacrifice family time to sit through late-night meetings, because “That promotion I’m going for comes with it’s own office.”

For corporate junkies who clock in 10,000 hours in 10 weeks.

For bullheaded colleagues who don’t mind pushing people down to get to the top.

But nothing can be further from the truth.

Success refuses to be boxed in by an office. It refuses to be defined in one way by a certain type of people.

I exist because I stand for those who see success differently.

I’m here for the new mum, who defines success as not being overwhelmed by the thought of leaving her baby with a caregiver as she works.

I’m here for the mum of three, who defines success as being able to provide while being present for her kids. To fix the grazed knees. To watch every school concert. To cheer her lungs out at every game. All without having to ask for permission for time-off.

I’m here for the employee, who defines success as standing up to another unfair comment from a colleague without her voice shaking. Unapologetic. Brave.

I’m here for those who define success as taking pride in working independently, knowing their worth, and charging accordingly.

I’m here for those who want to live their best life without having to choose between excellent work and quality family time. Because they can have both.

To those who are ready to step away from a life of always striving, but never arriving, just to live up to the definitions others have created for them, I have seen a way forward.

I am Ingrid Bayer, and I exist to launch people to success through excellence


From inspiring success strategies to insights on building a Virtual Assistant business founded on excellence, authenticity and sustainability, INGRID BAYER'S books are invaluable resources for both the aspiring and the established Virtual Assistant 

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As a recognised Virtual Assistant Industry leader and seasoned Speaker, INGRID BAYER is available for many different types of speaking engagements with topics ranging from "An Excellence Mindset", "The Virtual Advantage", "Knowing your Value", "Communication Excellence for an Online World", and much more.

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